Knowing your strongest Chakra type helps you live your healthiest life and supports you in fulfilling your purpose. Do you know your type already? Read the following descriptions to see which one sounds like you. If you’d like greater detail about your type and how to live life optimally, then get the book and take the full quiz! Then read the entire chapter dedicated to YOU!


The doer of the bunch, your main gift is Manifesting. You’re the go, go, go Chakra Type and won’t be found sitting still. Busy, productive, can-do is your orientation in life. When you understand that your body is your intuitive organ, you are able to tap in to its wisdom for the answers you’re seeking.


Feelings, feelings, and more feelings. You’re the Chakra Type that revels in the emotions of love and pleasure. All feelings lead toward creative expression and new experiences as long as you understand them. Reeling in your intuitive gift of emotional empathy can help you shed the anxiety and fears.


Structure. Organization. Facts. The details of life that may overwhelm some, fill you with energy. That special intuitive gift of mental empathy clues you in to how everyone around you thinks and highlights your ability to create processes that support you and the world you inhabit.


You are all about connecting, love, and healing. You know exactly what another may be experiencing and what they need. Sometimes, you take care of others at the cost of yourself. While relational empathy is your superpower, learning how to give and receive with yourself in mind will keep you healthy instead of drained.


Singing, reflecting, listening, talking, writing, sharing—you love all forms of expression. You’re adept at not only receiving but also giving guidance. You know just what to say at just the right time. Honing that intuitive gift of clairaudience can help you better express yourself and heal others.


All about aesthetic, you’re the consummate visionary, while also gifted in the intuitive gift of clairvoyance, or clear seeing. You can spot beautiful design, hold the vision for your own happy future, or guide a corporation or movement with your visionary skills. Open up that Third Eye and become what you envision yourself to be.


The Divine is within all of us, and you perceive that truth. Gifted in prophecy, you sense the light of Truth in all, and can also discern what (or who) is genuine or not. Align with the Higher Power as you know it and change the world. Use meditation to get you there!


As the soulful shaman, you are linked to multiple dimensions and realities. So, how do you practically apply that to your daily world? While at times you may feel like the odd one out or even perceive yourself as weird, you are in tune to the magic of the Universe. You possess all the intuitive gifts and use them at your beck and call to create the world of your dreams for yourself and those around you.


Devoted to at least one ideal, you know your soul is here to bring harmony and resolution to the world. You are attuned to the movements and causes of the world. Injustice isn’t your friend and you seek social change. As the heartful activist, you’ll create even more positive change in the world when you understand your powerful gift of bringing about peace.


Linked to the world of Nature, you are empathic enough to sense a “disturbance in the force,” but are also gifted with the abilities to make things right in relation to the environment. Whether your connection is to animals or the stars, you are the Naturalist. A lover of nature, the outdoors soothes you. Understanding how to best care for yourself and your relationships makes you an even better steward for the planet.


Your inner power is strong, and you can learn to control its surge to command natural and supernatural forces. The most natural leader of the Chakra Types, it’s time for you to connect with the visible and invisible energies of the universe to accomplish the great and the small.


Everyone has a special 12th chakra. It is the space in which your uniqueness shines. Your 12th chakra holds a gift that no one else in this world possesses. To discover and develop your 12th chakra gift, purchase Chakras, Food, & You!